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What Does It Mean to be an Authentic Leader?

10 Ways to Be an Authentic IT Leader

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@FastCompany compares the MS restructuring to the one Apple once did in 1997. #Leadership

Steve vs. Steve: Jobs, Ballmer in a Leadership smackdown

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Are insider #CEOs more effective than outsiders?

Who new CEOs fire first?

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"CEOs Are Different from Us (and from CFOs)"

According to a survey of about 1,000 top leaders in the U.S. by John R. Graham, Campbell R. Harvey, and Manju Puri of Duke University: Just 9.8% of chief executives can be categorized as highly risk-averse, compared with 64% of

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"Look for alliances where your boss is weak, keep your emotions in check, and lay out a case that details how the boss is costing the institution money."

How To Get Your Boss Fired

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